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PUBLISHER: kolektiv development inc.
Genre: Effects
Released: Summer 2012
Version: 4.0
Platforms: Maya 2011, 2012 Win64 Linux64
  • Sampler Deformer - View
  • Flow Field - View - View
  • Shading Field - View
  • Sampler Emitter - View
  • Speed Limit Field
  • Neighbour Field - View
  • Fluid Sampler Emitter - View
Stroika is a collection of plug-ins designed to create procedural effects. Tightly integrated with Maya's shading network paradigm and optimized to work with thousands of objects, Stroika empowers artists and TD's to create complex procedural effects using familiar paradigms.
"Particles - Visual Effects Series" - DVD
Author: Adrian Graham & Daniel Roizman
Genre: Effects
Released: 2001
Audience: Advanced
Duration: 02:10:00
$29.95 US FREE Intl. Shipping
Animating physical-based simulations such as particle clouds is somewhat of a Catch-22; exercising too much control makes the simulation look fake, but not enough control prevents you from getting the job done efficiently. Striking the perfect balance between control and randomness in your simulations is essential to creating realistic motion for dust, fire or water.

Focusing on expressions, custom attributes, fields, goals and softbodies, this DVD illustrates the analysis of real-world scenarios, as well as particle theory in the production environment.

"Rigid Bodies - Visual Effects Series" - DVD
Author: Adrian Graham
Genre: Effects
Released: 2004
Audience: Advanced
Duration: 01:10:00
$29.95 US FREE Intl. Shipping
Rigid Bodies will expose the underlying structure of rigid bodies and give you an in-depth and clear understanding of the mechanics and techniques necessary to work with Maya’s dynamics systems.

Learn to exercise greater control over your dynamics animations while developing an understanding of basic rigid body concepts. Begin to build complex setups while maintaining a high level of dependability.

Gain access to optimization techniques that can solve the most common errors encountered in creating dynamic simulations. Take advantage of Adrian Graham’s production experience through his valuable descriptive tips and demonstrations.

"Patch Modeling - Visual Effects Series" - DVD
Author: Daniel Szecket
Genre: Effects
Released: 2004
Audience: Advanced
Duration: 01:50:00
$29.95 US FREE Intl. Shipping
Path Modeling will help you achieve the best results when modeling organic shapes and characters. Learn NURBS modeling through the exploration of various scenarios and body connections.

The following topics are explored in this DVD:

  • Rules for initial pose
  • Using Attach to influence geometry flow
  • Rebuilding Surfaces
  • Analyzing your shapes
  • Redirecting using projections
  • Rebuilding Curves

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